• Support in biding for congress organizatio through delivery of materials, information and documents
  • Proposal writing with accent to the most important elements
  • Differenciation of proposal through creative solutions


  • Selection of the perfect meeting site to maximize your objectives
  • Venue research and evaluation
  • Venue negotiation management


  • Designing the registration form with all necessary instructions and fields (on-line and off-line)
  • User-friendly and adaptable on-line registration software with inbuilt reporting
  • Individual communication with users (participants, speakers, exhibitors, vip guests, accompanying persons)
  • Regular reporting
  • Tracking payments and due dates
  • Educated, friendly and helpful staff on-site
  • Preparing registration and info desk
  • Providing necessary material and equipment for proconventa team (computers for invoicing, printers for printing bills, accounting software, pos device)
  • Charging on-site registration fees


  • Budgeting
  • Invoicing
  • Payment management
  • Taxation guidance with customized reporting & analysis


  • Conference logistical management
  • Consultancy and advice on structure of the event
  • Supplier sourcing, negotiation and contracting
  • Event consultancy and business planning
  • Timeline management
  • Event evaluation and delegate surveying including accreditation administration
  • Production and management of all meeting and exhibition materials
  • End to end transportation management
  • Inventory management and shipping services
  • On-site management and staffing (coordinators, translators, drivers, hostesses, technicians…)
  • Selection and management of all food and beverage
  • Sending out invitations and managing RSVP lists


  • Group and individual transfers
  • Booking capacities in hotels, private accommodation and camps
  • Handling roomblock
  • Tracking payment and cancellation policies
  • Individual and group accommodation reservations
  • Attending to needs of various group profiles
  • Booking flight, train, bus or boat tickets
  • Managing travel itineraries


  • Balancing sessions with site possibilities, from plenary to breakout rooms
  • Taking into consideration speaker needs as well as supporting activities such as poster sessions or ideas markets
  • Planning and management of breakout and general sessions
  • Poster session design and management
  • Session room coordination including staging and décor
  • Speaker liaison and management
  • Scientific programme support and coordination


  • Consulting on best technological solution for your event
  • Ordering and coordination of audio visual equipment for conference rooms
  • Simultaneous translation equipment
  • Contracting and overseeing networked presentation management – slide service
  • Enabling mobile applications such as on-line scheduling (real-time and personalized agenda, speakers and sessions info) interactive maps, real time surveys and in-chat networking applications
  • Using electronic posters and signage to communicate information
  • Data tracking and sourcing through bar code or QR code readers


  • Accompanying persons programme planning and management
  • Optional tour programme planning and management (pre and post tours) and excursions
  • Restaurants booking for individual requests


  • Social event planning and management
  • Audio visual and production coordination
  • Food and beverage management
  • Various performers booking and management
  • Stage setting, venue branding and decoration


  • Advising on the event’s visual identity
  • Communicating with graphic and web designer, decorator and printing house
  • Ordering and coordinating prepress, web design and e-marketing solutions
  • Ordering, coordinating and distributing printed and other promotional materials
  • Ordering and coordinating decoration for all facilities and main stage


  • Consulting on sponsorship packages
  • Preparing documentation from contracts to invoices
  • Communicating with potential sponsors regarding packages
  • Supervising the implementation of contracted services


  • Full support in designing the exhibition – from floormapping to booth design and set up
  • Communicating with exhibitiors to fullfill all their needs and wishes
  • Exhibition space sales


  • Consulting on current trends in conference marketing
  • Event promotion through social networks
  • Advising on marketing tools such as newsletters, internet ads
  • Creating concept for promotion at similar events


  • Consulting on visa regulations and assisting in obtaining visas for foreign visitors
  • Cooperating with various protocols requested by participating parties and abbiding by their proceedures
  • Arranging work permits for foreign speakers or entertainers

Abstracts and Papers

  • Consulting on abstract submission programs available
  • Coordinating between participants and reviewers

Contact Us

ProConventa d.o.o. Travel agency
Trg Antuna Mihanovića 2, Zagreb
Head of operations: Jasmina Bilać

Registry number: 080868460
Tax number: HR04727302481

tel: +385 1 5804 958 | fax: +385 1 2925 060
Office working hours: Monday – Friday | 10h – 15h

Competent authority: Ministry of Tourism – Independent Sector of the Tourism Inspection, Trg Republike Hrvatske 8/1, 10000 Zagreb.